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Writing for a School Admission Course

Writing for a School Admission Course

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Recommended for: Grade 6 and Grades 7-10

Are you planning to apply to one of the top schools but are concerned about your writing skills? This course is structured to help students develop their writing skills. Students will review the correct usage of punctuations, grammar and sentence structure in compositions. 

The High School Mechanics offers students the ability to develop their foundational writing skills at a degree that is suitable for their age. 

The learners will be guided by a teacher who will guide them and assigns online writing homework, discussion forums and other activities to ensure that they master the correct process of writing.

Duration: 4 weeks, 3 sessions of LIVE ONLINE CLASS per week

Course Overview:

Week 1: Review on Grammar and Punctuations

  • Day 1: Verb Tenses and Conjunctions
  • Day 2: Compound and Complex Sentences
  • Day 3: Commas, Parallel Structure and Sentence Variety

Week 2: Purposes of Writing

  • Day 4: Writing to Persuade
  • Day 5: Writing to Inform
  • Day 6: Writing to Entertain

Week 3: Getting with Essay Writing

  • Day 7: What's an Essay?
  • Day 8: Three Writing Strategies
  • Day 9: The Writing Process

Week 4: Writing for a School Admission

  • Day 10: Writing Formal Letters
  • Day 11: Writing your Personal Mission Statement
  • Day 12: Writing a Student Resume