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Spanish Lessons for Teens (Grades 7-10) - 1 UNIT

Spanish Lessons for Teens (Grades 7-10) - 1 UNIT

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Recommended for: Grades 7-10

In this My Town unit, the learners will learn to develop their intercultural understanding by being introduced to the sights of some typical Spanish-speaking cities. They will also learn to describe places in a town, count to 100 and give their address in Spanish. To support non-specialists, there are sound files of all key vocabulary, plus extra teacher guidance at the end of the lesson plans where necessary.

The series of lessons is powered by Twinkl, an international affiliation of Hub English in providing quality education.

Assessment Statements
By the end of this unit...
...all children should be able to:

  • name some of the major Spanish-speaking cities;
  • identify and say typical amenities to be found in towns;
  • say and order multiples of ten;
  • ask and give a simple address in Spanish;
  • locate the correct part of a bilingual dictionary to translate from Spanish-English or vice versa.

...most children will be able to:

  • locate some of the key Spanish-speaking cities;
  • say in Spanish what amenities or features are found in their own town;
  • use multiples of ten and number operations to do simple calculations;
  • vary sentences, asking and giving simple addresses;
  • use a bilingual dictionary with increasing confidence to translate Spanish-English and vice versa.

...some children will be able to:

  • describe (in English) some features of the major cities;
  • describe their own or a Spanish-speaking town or city in terms of the amenities found there;
  • count with confidence to 100 and do simple calculations;
  • hold a short dialogue about where they live;
  • suggest new words for a vocabulary set in Spanish and find the translations in a bilingual dictionary.

1 Unit (6 Lessons) = 3 weeks

2 sessions of LIVE ONLINE CLASS per week + worksheets & practice activities

Lesson Breakdown:
Lesson 1: Meet and Greet
Lesson 2: Where do you live?
Lesson 3: In my town
Lesson 4: Counting in tens and to 100
Lesson 5: My address
Lesson 6: How do you say...?

Mode of Instruction: English and Spanish

Group Class: 4-6 students