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Spanish Lessons for Kids (Grades 3-6) - 6 UNITS

Spanish Lessons for Kids (Grades 3-6) - 6 UNITS

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Recommended for: Grades 3-6

This course has 6 lessons per unit. It is a coherently planned sequence of lessons, ensuring progressive coverage of the skills required by the international curriculum. Our chosen themes provide an introduction to the culture of Spanish-speaking countries and communities. It aims to foster children’s curiosity and help deepen their understanding of the world. A linear curriculum has been chosen to allow an opportunity for children to gradually build on their skills. 

This course enables children to express their ideas and thoughts in Spanish, providing opportunities for them to interact and communicate with others for practical purposes both in speech and in writing. We aim to expose children to authentic Spanish and offer regular opportunities to listen to native speakers.

This course is powered by Twinkl, an international affiliation of Hub English in providing quality education.

Why study Spanish?

There are loads of benefits to learning another language. For starters, the study of an additional language not only provides an opening to different cultures, but it also fosters children’s curiosity and deepens their understanding of the world.

So, by learning Spanish, you can expect pupils to develop their communication skills, and to think in different ways. Of course, this is all while encouraging open-mindedness and empathy among other core values. What's more, learning another language will support the development of literacy skills in children’s first language and pave the way for further language studies.

6 Unit X 6 Lessons = 36 Lessons for 18 weeks

2 sessions of LIVE ONLINE CLASS per week + worksheets & practice activities

Unit Breakdown:
Unit 1: Meet and Greet
Unit 2: My Body
Unit 3: Time to Eat
Unit 4: The People Around Me
Unit 5: All About School
Unit 6: Tell Me When

Mode of Instruction: English and Spanish

Group Class: 4-6 students