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Spanish Lessons for Kids (Grades 3-6) - 1 UNIT

Spanish Lessons for Kids (Grades 3-6) - 1 UNIT

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Recommended for: Grades 3-6

This Meet and Greet unit will teach the class about the basics of the Spanish language. The learners will learn to greet each other, exchange names, ask how someone is, count to ten and say how old they are. To support non-specialists, there are sound files of all key vocabulary and extra guidance at the end the lessons.

The series of lessons is powered by Twinkl, an international affiliation of Hub English in providing quality education.

1 Unit (6 Lessons) = 3 weeks

2 sessions of LIVE ONLINE CLASS per week + worksheets & practice activities

Assessment Statements:
By the end of this unit...
...all children should be able to:

  • say hello and goodbye;
  • introduce themselves;
  • say how they are feeling;
  • count to ten;
  • say how old they are.
...most children will be able to:
  • use different greetings for different situations;
  • ask and answer simple questions for each topic
  • area.
...some children will be able to:
  • use vocabulary they have learnt elsewhere to develop their sentences

Lesson Breakdown:
Lesson 1: Hello!
Lesson 2: What's your name?
Lesson 3: How are you?
Lesson 4: Goodbye!
Lesson 5: Numbers 0-10
Lesson 6: How old are you?

Mode of Instruction: English and Spanish

Group Class: 4-6 students