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Beyond English (for Grade 7-10) - MONTHLY

Beyond English (for Grade 7-10) - MONTHLY

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Recommended for: (Grades 7-10)

The course is aligned to K-12 Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) of DepEd to hone fluency, writing, reading and comprehension among Grade 7-10 learners. Students will develop their creativity and use their imagination to convey the message of written texts and pictures.  The learners will be able to recognize their strengths using multimodal elements with their learning styles and multiple intelligence.

This course has downloadable activities and interactive resource materials. Activity plans will be provided to the parents to supplement learning at home. 

4 weeks 

3 sessions of LIVE ONLINE CLASS per week + 20-minute daily (Monday to Friday) building vocabulary and reading comprehension worksheet

Monthly Plan of Activities
Week 1: Usage and Vocabulary
Week 2: Mechanics (Spelling and Punctuation)
Week 3: Grammar and Spoken English
Week 4: Reading and Comprehension

Click to download the following: